Repairs -
To put in a request to get something in your apartment fixed please send in an email to In this email state what you need repaired, what happened that caused this, and your personal information. 

Collections -
All information and issues dealing with collections are handled in the collections department which can be contacted through email at

All rent is collected at our offices. You may mail it or come in person. If there is any issue with your past rent or upcoming rent, please send us an email and we can help resolve it.

Any issues that do not fit the categories above can be resolved by either calling our office directly or sending a email to

All other issues please contact us via our customer service email or call our office directly at 718-654-0736.

Thank you.  

Residential Lease Application.pdf
Residential Lease Application.pdf
Comercial Lease Application.pdf
Comercial Lease Application.pdf